LOVE. THE EFFECTS OF AFFECTION. DOCfield 2018 Documentary Photography Festival. Barcelona

The sixth edition of DOCfield, aimed at exploring the relationship and origin of the bonds between individuals and communities without falling into love's purest romantic aspect. The visual exploration summed up diverse perspectives on the effects of affection on certain contemporary issues.



JOURNEY. DOCfield 2017 Documentary Photography Festival. Barcelona

"Why do people move? How does the journey transform us? How do we face the encounter with the other? Is human mobility a condition, a privilege or a need?"

The fifth edition of DOCfield Documentary Photography Festival drew on the vision and insight of Barcelona and transformed the city in Autumn into an international focal point of documentary photography. Led by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, the festival was a collective initiative that summed up over 25 free exhibitions in art centres, galleries and community hubs, public space exhibitions, open-air screenings, learning programmes and a photobook dummy award.